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Our Role in Product Safety Convergence

Embracing Fire, Human Health and Environmental Hazards

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is a not-for-profit (NFP) organization  dedicated to scientific research, education and outreach on emerging technologies. Our chemical safety efforts contribute to safe working, living and learning environments by convening stakeholders to review chemical safety issues at hand, conducting discovery research, and effectively communicating and applying our learning and research knowledge for the greater good.

Technological innovations, combined with increasing globalization and environmental awareness, are changing the way people live and work. In many ways, this progress is making our lives better. However, societal expectations of what safety means are evolving, and UL is expanding its safety mission beyond traditional fire, shock and casualty hazards to meet these new expectations in chemical safety.

  • One of the key drivers for this evolution is increased awareness of new potential risks of products on the market.
    • Specifically, there’s a growing need to better understand human health and environmental risks associated with exposure to chemicals used in products, and resulting in our environments.
    • These risks call for safety convergence between the traditional physical safety aspects of a product and the impact it may have on the environment and human health.
  • Consumers should not have to sacrifice one aspect of product safety for another, but we should understand the impact of each.
    • This dichotomy demands action, including research, to better measure and assess human health and environmental risks along with risks of fire, shock or casualty.
  • We are embracing a leadership role as we research the environmental and human health impact of key emerging technologies and environmental challenges.
    • We are undertaking it by bringing relevant (internal and external) stakeholders to the table, providing forums for open discussions, and conducting scientific research to bring knowledge, data and new insights forward.
    • We are working toward addressing human health and environmental concerns without compromising established fire, electrical and casualty safety performance of products.


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